Audio-visual story
Dome Square 6, atrium of the Art Museum Rīga Bourse

In Rainis’ play Golden Horse, a princess who is sleeping on a mountain of glass is saved by a father’s youngest son with the help of his power, silver and golden horse. The princess becomes a symbol of freedom, and her awakening, the fight for freedom. This symbol, simultaneously, also means the liberation of the soul and spirituality, as well as expressing every person’s need to undergo the path of spiritual development. The road up the mountain of glass is not easy, and often full of illusions and doubts. Overcoming oneself and changing, the road opens up and illusions retreat.
What is as high as it can be deep? What is as close as it can be far?
There is no point in wasting one’s time thinking. It is better to do something and head off on the journey and perhaps to even smile while solving this riddle.
To get to the mountains, craggy and steep, bluish and greenish, the colour of glass or ice. To finally be at the highest point, where the sun has climbed down to look at its land. Resting one’s eyes on unending high peaks of mountains.
Blocks of ice broke down as if someone was specially pushing them forward with force. They melted and smashed, they splintered and destroyed. Stones fell and tumbled here. Only with drive and a smile, singing continuously, getting higher and higher. Aches become bearable while singing, the soul achieves peace through singing. Higher with every step, more sunbeams with every step.
I am as great as my perspective is deep and wide. I am a mountain to myself, which is surmountable.
The story was created by concept author Viktors Keino, with direction by Juris Jonelis, design and animation by Hypnosis, music and sound by Andrejs Eigus/Selffish, and produced by Mārīte Lempa.

Project concept author: Viktors Keino
Project implementation: Klusa dabaAssociation and Dabas Raksti
Project collaboration partners: Latvian National Museum of Art and Art Museum Rīga Bourse