Name of the project: SHINE DOME

Place: Ensemble of the Church and Monastery, Riga, Herder’s Square 6

Riga Dome Cathedral has been an integral part of our city’s panorama for many centuries. Many times rebuilt and renovated it has always proudly towered over the historical centre of old Riga. Dome is currently experiencing a new renascence to meet its 800th anniversary in 2011.

Guests and locals of Riga are invited to celebrate the anniversary of Riga’s second oldest church. In honor of it 800 different scenes will be performed in the streams of light and colors which will be shown on the facade and tower of the Cathedral.

A story can be told in different ways – we will do it with lights and colors. 800 scenes will tell about the history of the Dome – starting from when it was built, following through the centuries up to the present day.

Taking advantage of the reconstruction works, during the festival Shine Riga the facade of Dome Cathedral will be used as a giant screen that lights up the city. On the screen each stage of scaffolds will determine a separate light zone which will be joined together and programmed as wonderful light images.

Project creator and implementer: Company NA Ltd.

Project sponsor: The Riga City Council