Location: Alberta Square

A transparent dome will “grow” in the city centre with inviting contents – an original, artistic programme especially created for this festival. A peculiar technique will be demonstrated in the dome – sand painting, the author of which is Elmārs Gaigalnieks. For more than ten years now he has been experimenting with sand and in his searches has created a peculiar technique. It opens up completely new, indefinitely creative possibilities not just for artists, but also gives viewers a common emotional experience through being there, observing, listening and thinking along in the creation process of the art work.

Artist Elmārs Gaigalnieks says: ”Everything that is around us addresses us, but in our daily rush we don’t hear it. Nature wants to give us a message. But even if we wanted to, we don’t feel it any more as we no longer have a common language with nature. Art is the language through which nature teaches us to understand God’s unwritten laws and, that what happens to each of us, has already been and will be – forever. In creating my art works, I use sand from the ancient Gauja Valley’s splendid outcrops which have developed in ancient times – 600 million years ago. At the base of sand is silicon, but even in small quantities it contains nearly all the chemical elements, some more – lime, aluminium and iron oxide, but some – such as gold – less. Sand also contains minerals, including – mica, which gives it its sparkle. The remains of the plant and animal kingdom are what holds sand together”.

The demonstration of the creative process will be added to by Kaspars Tobis’ (“Dzelzs vilks”) musical composition and a video telecast of the sand painting on a screen outside the dome.

Project idea author and constructor: SIA “LĀČU DIZAINS”

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