Location: Building façade at Dzirnavu iela 87

A woman is not a piece of steel furniture;
She is a flower…
/E. M. Remarque/

But a woman is only a flower when she looks like a flower, feels like a flower, behaves like a flower and even demands that everyone else treats her like a flower.

Oh, how hard it is to always look like a flower! It’s good that at least there are such things as shampoo and mascara, lipsticks and nail polish, corsets and high heeled shoes in the world.

Oh, how hard it is to always feel like a flower! One has to be endowed with high self-esteem and to fight like a stockbroker each day for an increase in the value of one’s shares or at least their stability, one must learn to withstand both scornful sneers, as well as to defy cold indifference.

It’s even harder to behave like a flower. Life all around is overflowing with so many temptations and unexpected hurts, that sometimes it would be better to behave like a cat which always comes and goes when it wants to and where it wants to, and at other times to swirl about like a leaf in the wind or throw oneself, without thinking about anything, headfirst into a whirlpool.

And it is even harder to get others to treat a flower like a flower should be treated. So many hands reaching to pluck it, and the flower becomes confused, not knowing whether it will be pinned to a chest, will be placed in a crystal vase, or whether walking past, someone will snap it off and just toss it aside right there… And a flower is afraid of going to seed, and a flower worries that it will remain unnoticed by anyone and finally just forgets that it is a flower…

Project idea author: Kaspars Podnieks
Project constructors: Kaspars Podnieks, Elita Alksne
Cooperation partner: Sia “Le Studio”
Project sponsor: Sia “Le Studio”

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