St. Peter’s Church, Pēterbaznīcas Square

Pētera sapnis (Peter’s dream) is an audio-visual performance.
The human desires for freedom, space, spiritual fulfilment. A church as a symbol of the spirit of freedom, spiritual vitality, growth, joy.
Peter’s Dream will start in St. Peter’s Square. There will be an opportunity to see a depiction of the contents of the church’s original historical stained glass windows. Made in a Riga stained-glass workshop by the master Tode; the originals have been preserved since the end of the 19th century, but are not accessible to the public. In the central part of the facade visitors will be able to watch projections of samples of stained glass windows from this outstanding architectural monument; a dream about the renewal of the St. Peter’s Church interior.
The main event will take place in the church with the help of technology, we will tell the story of the search for spirituality. In this way we can relate Peter’s dream about a person’s path to spiritual growth. Contrasting modern technology with the historical interior, we will try to achieve a poignant visual effect that will enable each visitor to undergo even a small visual – musical – emotional – spiritual experience. The suite composed by Jānis Kaņeps in honour of the light and video performance Pētera sapnis will be premiered on the evening of 15 November.
The performance will be repeated every 22 minutes.

Project concept: RPKIA Sv. Pētera baznīca administration, Jānis Dubavs, Mārtiņš Feldmanis
Project developer: BP69
Project financed by Riga City Council, Association of Riga City Council Cultural Institutions