Klostera Street 15

The project is formed from laser lights. The projection of light on the surface of the wall arises from a small glass lens and a drop of water, through which flows a white laser beam; breaking up into all the colours of the rainbow. Through the diffraction and interference of electromagnetic waves forms unusual and beautiful patterns and structures seemingly out of nowhere.

During the operating process the laser light takes a huge leap in scale from a small point, spreading all over the darkened courtyard space, creating landscapes from an invisible world, which can make us feel like a landscape artist attending a plane in a parallel world – not abstract, but very explicit.

In my work, I want to show the invisible. When we look at a rainbow there are no coloured arcs in the sky, there are only electromagnetic waves that break up at different angels in water droplets; which our brains interpret as colours. A similar optical process is produced by projecting light on to a wall. It gives us an illusion of colour. We don’t actually know how the illuminated courtyard looks in reality, but, when we look at it we can say: just look at that blue or that red.

Project concept: Zaļais stars
Project developer: Zaļais stars
Project financed by Riga City Council