Name of the project: THE HEART OF THE ART

Place: Latvian Artists’ Union Building, 11th November Embankment 35

Video installation “Heart of the Art” is the story of the Art House – a building which has no equivalent in the cultural environment of Riga city. The past, present and future of the Art House is all about professional visual art activities, a creative spirit, vigor and bohemia. “Heart of the Art” is a heart of a Latvian artist – either turbulent or calm but always creative.

Author of the project Igors Dobičins in collaboration with artists Modris Brasliņš, and Arnis Stasaitis have chosen fragments from the Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci’s graphics as a motto of their installations. Accompaniment – heartbeat rhythm music composed by Ģirts Bišs. The Video installation is assembled with the projections of the Latvian authors’ paintings, which are reflected chronologically in the windows of the Latvian artist ‘ Union building.

“We are alive!” – The heart of the art is beating! The Art House is currently a location of the Latvian Artists’ Unions’ (LAU) office. Along with artists’ creative workshops one can find there the LAU art collection, including Open Series of the LAU Museum and LAU gallery.

Authors of the project: Igors Dobičins, Modris Brasliņš, Arnis Stasaitis, Ģirts Bišs

Project implementer: Association of Latvian Artists’ Union

Project sponsor: Riga City Council

Project partners: Fiesta Print Ltd, Ltd Company NA Ltd. Peri, Ltd. Color Art