LVRTC jaunais tornis

Name of the project: Latvian State Radio and Television Centre new tower

Place: 7 Ērgļu Street

The latest communications tower in Riga will be illuminated during the Festival of Light

During the Festival of Light, the lights will be turned on in the 70 m high communications tower on Ērgļu Street that was built in September.

At the highest point of the tower and on its seven platforms, four different lighting elements were created that can be used alone or in a combination with each other. At the highest point of the tower, there is aviation signal lighting that has been turned on ever since the tower was built in its full height; LED lights have been distributed over the perimeters of the seven platforms, light can also be shed on intersections between platforms, and, at the foot of the tower, searchlights can be switched on to illuminate the legs of the tower. During the Festival of Light, all the lighting elements will be turned on, allowing residents and guests of Riga to spot and get to know the new tower.

The tower was built to promote the removal of the existing, environmental degradation causing antenna from the roofs of historic buildings and to avoid placement of new antenna on the facades and roofs of historic buildings. The tower is designed to complement the existing urban landscape with an aesthetic and harmonious accent that would be modern, but at the same time appropriate to the historic centre of Riga.

The tower on Ērgļu Street is located in the closed area of Latvian State Radio and Television Centre and it will not be possible to enter the territory of the company during the Festival of Light.