Name of the project: CULTURE CENTRE “CITY CELL”

Place: Ziedoņdārzs, Artilērijas and A. Čaka street crossing

The hectic city life craves peace and shelter. Where is the place to go for harmony and emotional pleasure, for the light which refreshes your eyes, for inspiring verses and atmosphere which charges your spirit and soul? The city, like a bee hive, builds its honeycomb, its cells of well-being.

“City Cell” attracts with its colors, with urban sounds, with mulled wine and cinnamon flavor. It invites you to have a different look at Riga – a look from its outskirts, its special sites. The Cell calls you to listen to the story which is told by the city itself. A story by the poet Aleksandrs Čaks, the story of trams, bridges, suburbs and one’s open heart.

Can the city really be so open and truthful? Are you tuned to the same frequency, do you feel the same rhythm? Are you able to watch your city with different eyes, with eyes of a poet? You are invited to look through the prism of today – modernism, speed and progress but sense the background of Riga city life at the beginning of the 20th century, which lives in the picturesque poems of Aleksandrs Čaks.

Authors of the project: Uģis Hoņavko /SIA Northlight LED and Elīna Tetere/SIA OPEN  Architecture and Design

Project implementer: SIA Northlight LED

Project sponsor: Rīgas dome, SIA Northlight LED

Project partners: SIA Quintrix (COCO LOCO)