Iluminātu taka. VIVERE EST MILITARE (Dzīvot nozīmē cīnīties)

Audiovisual light installation and interactive projection show

Ostmala, the square next to Eksporta iela between Muitas iela and Miķeļa iela

We continue to save the world! Visitors to the installation will become players in the Kinect game, participate in multi-media installations and in the re-enactment of a historic battle – fighting to safeguard true values.

Map of the Illuminati Path – www.3ddienas.lv

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Project concept: Dmitrijs Ščegoļevs

Project implemented by Vizuālās Kultūras Klubs society, SIA Parus Studio

Project sponsor: Riga City Council, SIA Parus Studio

Project partners: Latvian Naval Forces; 3Ddienas.lv; 3Zivis bistro; LG Electronics Latvia, Fujifilm Latvija; IZZI; 2C; Kāvi; Excercitus Rigensis