Photon constellation

Adrese: Art Museum Riga Bourse atrium


Light installation.

An experimental installation that creates a dynamic audio-visual landscape, where the viewer is invited to experience the visualization of spatial data and their sonification. It is light “suspended in the air” which can be seen as a 3D object without projecting or using any other auxiliary materials. A completely new technology is used in the creation of the installation for visualizing spatial data. Laser impulses in the infrared light range are precisely focused at a point in the room, where air molecules are ionized and release photon energy which can be observed as a plasma discharge phenomenon. These are laser flashes which form a three-dimensional drawing, as well as a specific sound landscape.


Author of the project idea: Voldemārs Johansons
Project implementer: VIZIONĀRĀS KULTŪRAS FONDS Foundation
Project partner: Art Museum Riga Bourse