Location: Laipu iela

People really are like children at heart. They like all sorts of wonders and pleasant surprises – sweets, carousels, sunsets, soap bubbles and other simple pleasures. They like to dream about the stars in the sky and admire the stars while standing on the earth. Glitter and fame, true or false – find the ten differences! Messing around with these lightly perceived things, shiny mirror-jewels have come into existence, with a light irony about diamonds and other earthly valuables and values, our attitude towards the real and the unreal, the needed and the superfluous.

Mirror-jewels are shiny as stars, as light as pop culture. They come alive with the smallest breeze and spinning, they create a discothèque feel. Light entertainment, a simple life. A deliberate self-abandonment or a sought-after utopia?

Glass artist Marta Ģibiete’s (www.gibiete.eu) diamond glitter will be on view in Laipu iela, on of the smallest of Vecrīga’s little streets, which is hidden away next to the boisterous Līvu laukums. The homely atmosphere of Laipu iela is formed by a number of art galleries/workshops/cafes, which are always open to a responsive public.

Project idea author and constructor: Marta Ģibiete (www.gibiete.eu)
Cooperation partners: SIA “RJK”, Stikla Galerija, Žagatas Martas Bode

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