Name of the project: AVE, MUNCHAUSEN!

Place: Concert hall AVE SOL, Citadeles iela 7

There are a lot of legends surrounding St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s churches. One of the most prominent characters of the neighborhood was Baron von Munchausen. At the beginning of the 18th century he reportedly lived in Citadel barracks, at that time located behind the church, where today there is the concert hall “Ave Sol”. Knowing Baron’s lying skills, there is no doubt – the further story is inspired by Mr. Munchausen himself!

It was a snowy and windy late November day in 1744 when Munchausen knocked on the door of Jacobin’s Manor. He asked for shelter while his coach was being repaired. Bewitched by the hostess’s beauty, Munchausen fell in love. Learning that the manor was gambled away in a card game, he decided to help the beautiful Jacobin and beat the impostor Uksen. Munchausen successfully played against Uksen and recovered the manor along with all debts. Grateful Jacobin called a fancy dress ball in honor of her guest.

Unfortunately Munchausen confused the hostess with the maid, as they had swapped outfits, and confessed to his beloved of not possessing any wealth but still being deeply in love with her. The baroness didn’t believe in the genuine feelings of Munchausen and asked him to leave. At that very moment a flock of ducks flew over and Munchausen left the manor together with the birds.


Project idea author: Riga City Council Education, Culture and Sports Department, Riga Municipal Cultural Associations Concert Organization AVE SOL

Project implementer: Concert Organization AVE SOL, Artis Dzērve, RJK Ltd.

Project sponsor: Riga City Council, Riga Municipal Cultural Institutions