Skārņu iela 10, façade of the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design

This is a Latvian woman’s story which is based on true events.
Anna has experienced three eras: the first free Latvia, the Soviet era and today’s free Latvia.
Anna is 98 years old and is full of determination to await her hundredth year. Her stories are marked by the stubbornness of the Latvian, the survival gene, great strength and love for those closest and the Latvian nation. “Immense love has also been what has allowed me to live so long,” replies Anna with a laugh. The lightness with which she talks about poignant themes became the source of inspiration for the Anna’s Story exposition, creating animation in the style of street art graffiti, talking playfully and with humour about poignant and positive themes as well. Contemporary artistic means of expression and technology have been combined in the project – video projections and animation with innovative graphic design. This is modern painting in a video format.

Project concept authors: Agnese Melbārde
Project implementation: SIA UNO MOSSA