98 Light Painting for Latvia

St. Peter’s Church facade


Create remarkable light ornaments!

The interactive multimedia installation invites you to paint with light. Just as the name implies, Festival visitors will be able to decorate St. Peter’s Church facade with at least 98 different paintings. This is a light art installation whose creative products will be visible the moment that they are created.

These light paintings will be created from Latvian folklore articles and amulets; which symbolize our cultural history’s inheritance. Festival participants will be able to create articles and amulets representative of today’s age. By creating unique combinations from these articles and amulets different artistic creations will emerge, each as unique as the individual who made it. Background music will infuse this creative process with hightened senses and experiences.

Participation in this light adventure encourages us to gain creative experience whilst simulatenously having a chance to recreate their urban landscape states Ocubo main mantra within this light projection. Latvia is a people whose today’s created unique ornaments will be allegorically depicted within 98 light paintings for Latvia.

Ocubo’s created light installations and video projections have been shown in many European and World light festivals such as: Ghent (Belgium), Melbourne (Australia), Jyvaskyla (Finland), Torun (Poland), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Makao (China), Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais, Guimaraes and other cities in Portugal.


Project conceptual artist: OCUBO

Project execution: “Staro 100” Foundation

Project cooperative partner: UNTITLED

Project sponsor: Riga City Council