Façade of Latvian Cabinet of Ministers – Brīvības Boulevard 36

Soon Latvia will celebrate its centennial. A country is its residents, its citizens that through daily work create our Latvia as something we can be proud of. On the façade of Latvian Cabinet of Ministers visitors will see short video stories about Latvia most famous people of the past 100 years. The video enhances already existing graphics and invites everyone to participate in the game and by unraveling history one becomes part of that history.

By answering simple questions about Latvia’s famous people of the past 100 years on www.atminivesturi.lv, everyone has a chance to be portrayed on the Ministers cabinet’s façade amidst the interactive installation “Unravel History – Become History.” Latvia’s resident portraits will be intertwined with the musical light installation, people who create our Latvia as well as showing off our histories know how.

Project authors: State Chancellery, “Atklāj Rīgu” Foundation
Production: State Chancellery