Cinema “Splendid Palace” Elizabetes Street 61


Indestructible, unbreakable, unforgettable were the women of Latvia who survived deportation to Siberia. Youth’s dreams, best years of their lives, homes, husbands, children, their land and health was denied by Soviet powers. On 14th of June, 1941 Latvian elites, amongst them 7168 women and more than 2000 children, were deported to Siberia. Lawyer, journalist and writer Melānija Vanaga and her son Andrejs, were deported to Siberia, as socially dangerous criminals.

The herion of this story, Malanija Vanaga managed to survive her deportation so that she can one day tell her story. A story that has entrapped us all.  M. Vanaga’s memories “Velupes Krasta” is, to this date, the most vibrant description of this event in Latvian literature. Viesturs Kairišs’s film “The Chronicles of Melanie,” based on the books, premiered on November 1st.

76 years later, in 2016, the journey from Rīga to Siberia was documented, in detail, so that none of us will forget this endured story. Next to Cinema “Splendid Palace” you can experience this journey aboard a train car and listen to book excerpts read by actresses Lilita Ozolina, Baiba Broka, Guna Zarina, and Maija Doveika.


Project conceptual author: Film Studio “Mistrus Media”

Project execution: Film Studio “Mistrus Media”

Project cooperative partner: Rīga City Council, Cinema “Splendid Palace”