Kronvalda Park

Light installation  of 40 light masks from the African interior and traditional music from the Tuva tribe

Forty identical masks coming from Bwindi National Park, at the innermost heart of black Africa, are placed like small monoliths, resembling ancient terracotta finds at an archaeological site.The rite comes alive when the artificial light alters the hues of the masks, creating a still dance supported by the bi-vocal sounds of the Tuva people of Central Asia. This dance in turn paints a picture with shadows.

Rimani Srl. was founded in July 2015 as an ‘innovative start up’. Its recent history, however, owes its values of innovation, technology and prestige to the thirty years’ expertise of founding member, Carlo Albano.

Our point of departure is our expertise in electronics, IT, domotics and home automation. We invest in the continuous search for comfortable efficient lighting systems, tailored to each individual customer’s needs.

We constantly strive to take our products and solutions a step closer to a simple and “smart” use of lighting; lighting that offers people a better quality of life, accentuates beauty, and reduces environmental impact.

Rimani is synonymous with Lighting Creative Technology; from concept to design, prototyping and the final finished product. Lighting Technologysolutions for museums, galleries, points of sale, clinics, hospitals, and agriculture.

Author Richi Ferrero /Italy/
Implemented by STARO 100 Association
Financed by Riga City Council