Vermanes Garden


“Will-o’-the-wisp” is primarily a play on words as it is used in contrast to “Flash light.” As opposed to light-house, whose function is to show the way, will-o’-the-wisp does the opposite. They appear and disappear in the dark creating a bewildering yet mystically beautiful light panorama; baiting passers-by. Light-houses fulfill their role only if they are in the appropriate environment and context.

By placing many elements, with similar functions, within a small space it begs for entirely different perceptions to occur. Attendees attention is diverted to one object, then another and this mythical experience becomes the foundation of this endeavor.

Will-o’-the-wisp apparition can also be called a call signal; thus this installation is enhanced with music that responds to the idea malduguns represents; bewildering those who listen. Sound is a continual movement.   Each light-house emits a unique sound morphing into a multitude of combinations upon reaching a listener’s ears; as such each person experience becomes truly unique.


Project authors: Paula Vītola, Maija Demitere, Krista Dintere

Production: Electronic art and media center “E-LaB”

Partners: Art research laboratory of Liepaja University “MPLab”

Financed by: Rīga City Council