Multi-media object

Art Museum RĪGAS BIRŽA atrium, Doma laukums 6

Sound and 3D mapping visualisations on 3 courtyard walls will draw the viewer into a space that does not exist in the physical world. This story borders on, and will develop with the impulses of reality, reflecting a surreal dimension which everyone can feel. The visual material will allow you to travel together with the images and allow your mind to create its own images, allowing everyone to enjoy both a common and an individual journey or CeļoJumts/TravelRoof

Project authors: Visualisation – Viktors Keino and Dmitrijs Voloviks, Director – Juris Jonelis, Sound Author – Andrejs Eigus or Selffish
Project implementation: Everything Art Association
Project collaboration partners: Latvian National Museum of Art and Art Museum Rīgas Birža
Project sponsor: Rīga City Council