Powder Tower


People, since ancient times, have gathered to celebrate earth’s solar cycles and experience its majestic occurrence; its arrival, culmination, and departure. The celebration of the sun’s arrival and departure are usually the most beautiful and recognized of events. Preparation requires a lot of time and effort, as well as collaboration, to pull of such a graceful and inspiring event. The arrival of light signifies illumination, experiences, a more expansive view of surroundings; seeing beyond the obvious.

During this year’s darkest season a place where one can welcome light will bloom in the center of Rīga. Art installation “Sunrise” is like an ode to the majesty of light.

For the installation to work everyone will need to lend a hand, just like during Summer Solstice. Light dots, outlining geometric shapes, will be shone upon Powder Tower and at the base of it one will find “buttons.” Each of these buttons will represent one of the geometric shapes. By walking on these “buttons” visitors will be able to light up corresponding squares; the more people take part in this cooperative effort the brighter the Tower will shine.

In order to unlock all of the geometric shapes you need to step on all 9 “buttons.” This will be an opportunity for strangers to work together, creating shared experiences and new roots. Once all of the buttons are pressed the geometric shape’s boarders will fully light up and flicker into bloom revealing breathtaking sunrises from around this world and beyond; and then the process will begin anew.

An ode is a flattering and celebratory poem that is dedicated to a significant event or person. In Ancient Greece any lyrical stanza, with musical accompaniment including choir singing, was called an ode.


Project author and producer: CONNECTION CODES

Financed by: Rīga City Council