Jēkaba square


The interactive installation consists of three self-inflated vinyl bubbles that range from 3 to 7 meters in height and act as urban screens. Two interactive applications have been used in the making of this installation – Speak Tree and Billie.

This installation SpeakTree, is an engaging platform designed to share thoughts and wishes with the people around you.  Send a simple text message and your wish appears as a branch on a tree projected on a light sphere.

Next to it, Bilie allows the visitors to draw on the sphere with any light source, including the smartphone. Turn the light toward your face and a selfie appears on the sphere. The soundtrack reacts to the intensity of the painting.

The creators have showcased the spheres in 7 festivals already – since 2012, they have been featured in Montreal, Lyon, Brussels, Moscow, Jerusalem, Medellin and Washington. The installation has been created by a Canadian company Lucion, experts in the industry of light technology for over 15 years.


Project author: Lucion (Canada)

Local production: Foundation “Atklāj Rīgu”

Project financed by: Rīga City Council, Calendar for Latvia’s culture and entertainment events kaskurkad.lv

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