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In 2008, in recognition of Latvia’s 90th Birthday a “Club Night” was held with the moto “Free Celebration.” This event successfully took place in more than 50 places in Latvia. This year, the tradition will be renewed so that during Latvia’s Birthday clubs will sound this nation’s favorite and most beloved music.


Light soars in Rīga’s clubs! On November 18 of this year “Centennial Club Night” will take place in over 50 of Latvia’s most popular clubs; where all visitors will be able to experience her birthday. VJ Oores will provide a uniquely developed light installation for each club and music will be complied by pieci.lv.


Latvia’s Centennial celebration will take place over a five year period, from April 2017 to January 2021 and will recognize the most significant events in Latvia’s history. The main message of Latvia’s Centennial celebration is “I am Latvia” emphasizing that a person is its most cherished possession, who, through every day’s work creates the present and builds tomorrow’s foundation.


Project authors: VJ Oore, Latvian Republic Centenary Youth Action Committee

Production: bar “Ezītis Miglā”

Project cooperative partner: Radio Pieci.lv

Financed by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia

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