Doma Square


A large-scale light object for children and grownups who still believe in miracles.


Lately, large rabbits have been appearing in Light Festivals around the world and feeling right at home at every location. Now these giant rabbits have inhabited Dome Square.


Rabbits have a contradicting fame. On the one hand they remind us of childhood characters from stories; furry innocence frolicking through majestic prairies. Yet, on the other hand these artistic enormous rabbits urges one to discover the seriousness of our environment and ecological problems. These large rabbits act as a metaphor for the ‘white elephant in the room.’ In this case, it, being the issue with the environment that is right in front of us, yet easy to ignore. A problem that hides behind a lovable form.


This is a playful piece of art that calls on admiration and spurs fantasy. The main idea of this installation is to portray that these gigantic rabbits do not really fit in within their environment. It aims to spark a feeling of occupation; the giant rabbits have arrived and taken over this space.  Usually, people see wonder in these rabbits and associate their appearance with childhood occurrences such as the arrival of Santa Claus. Yet at the same time this art piece encompasses the many sides of our every day shadows; nothing has just one interpretation.  The element of dark is necessary in order for light to rise and these rabbits shine ever so bright in white light.


The birth place of these giant rabbits is Australia. Amanda Peters, installation’s author, admits that, in Australia, rabbits population is very large and is already causing ecological obstacles. An attempt to diminish their population has not succeeded. Since 1788, when the white man introduced the rabbit to Australia, they have managed to upset the balance amidst different types of local wildlife. That is why her goal, with such a public display, is to not only entertain but also educate. Pointing out natures beauty as well as its frailty and make you think about solutions to these acute environmental and ecological problems.


Project author: Amanda Peters (Australia)

Local production: “Latvian Civil Public Support Center” Foundation

Financed by Rīga City Council and “Latvian Civil Public Support Center” Foundation