X Factor

Interactive object
Merķeļa Street 4, entrance from Alfrēda Kalniņa Street

The X Factor is one of the most popular TV shows in the world, the second season of which can now be seen in Latvia on Channel TV3. During Staro Rīga, every visitor will have the opportunity to feel like a member of a jury, evaluating the performances of participants, watching the huge projection, taking part in an interactive game and meeting stars of the show, as well as snapping this entertaining event in a high-quality photo story. The courtyard of the Rīga Circus has been selected for this activity, and will transform into a symbolic X Factor stage and wings during Staro Rīga.

Project concept authors: All Media Baltics
Project implementation: All Media Baltics Latvia/ TV3
Project collaboration partners: Rīga Circus and AdZest