Doma Square

This year’s Staro Rīga events will include a projection Tu un Tagad (You and Now) in Doma Square. This event will usher in a campaign that will also continue next year, when Rīga will be a European Capital of Culture.
The essence of the campaign is to involve every resident of Riga and the whole of Latvia in a major event. To give everyone an opportunity to participate, to feel like someone who shapes their city and its culture.
The project’s concept will be adapted to Stari Rīga nature and theme. Tu un Tagad will become a tool for creating European Capital of Culture environment; Riga 2014 precursor of a campaign for the city and its inhabitants.

Project concept: Ēriks Stendzenieks and Gints Apsīts
Project developer: Ideju institūts
Project financed by Riga City Council
Project partner: Latvijas radio