Environmental installation with augmented reality
Zirgu Street in the section from Līvu Square to Dome Square

In Zirgu Street, one will be able to move from one world/reality into another – a supplemented reality which becomes visible in a smartphone with the SAN app. From Līvu Square to Dome Square, the section of the street with light wall portals will transform into a virtual future city, which has no limits in the imagination of architects and residents. In it, buildings rise up kilometres high, the usual laws of gravity do not apply, and one can end up in other newly created virtual worlds as well, which exist parallel to the real. With the support of EU funds, Latvia is permitted to dream on a wider scale and experience how great plans become a better reality.
The SAN app can be downloaded in viewer’s devices for free through san.lv(AppStore and GooglePlay).

Project concept author: Gints Gabrāns
Project implementation: Central Finance and Contracting Agency
Project funding: EU funds
Project collaboration partner: SAN