Location: Piens Café terrace, Aristida Briāna 9

We bring life to the adjacent buildings which have been dark for quite some time, without human warmth, the sound of footsteps and conversation. Having opened their windows and let some fresh air in, they are ready to tell a tale and they do have something to say. Cafe “Piens” in collaboration with SIA Sinergo representative Miķelis Priekulis, SIA 3S and Open AD bring this story together in a musical light and projection show leaving the control of it to the visitors. Each “Staro Rīga” Festival visitor is invited to improvise on the piano, the sound of which brings the show to life on the facades of the buildings. You never know what the black piano keys may be hiding!

Project idea authors: Cafe Piens, Open AD (Zane Tetere)
Project constructors: SIA “Sinergo“ (Miķelis Priekulis), SIA “3S“
Project sponsors: SIA “SOFABAR“ – Cafe Piens

Staro RīgaStaro RīgaStaro Rīga

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