Location: Brīvības Avenue 401c

The lighting on the Building’s façade directs attention to the old textile factory building, which is becoming a contemporary crafts and cultural events space. A breath of fresh air is being breathed into the unused buildings.

As part of “Staro Rīga”, during the day on the 20th November – percussionists, a trio of girls and a mime will perform, and each day crafts from various counties will be on display in the buildings.
In the evenings, light will be the main artist on the façades and in the territory.

Project idea authors: Kristīne Andruce, Sanda Andersone
Project constructor: “Juglas Vārti”

Vote for the best light object of the Festival!
If you think this object is the best – send STAR064 to telephone number 1188.
Cost per SMS – at the usual rate charged for an SMS by your mobile phone operator.
Voting commences at 18.00 on 18th November and closes at 23.00 on 21st November.
Vote on the DELFI portal in the special “Staro Rīga” news section
Voting starts on the 18th November at 18.00 and finishes at 24.00 on the 25th November.