Interactive light installation
Esplanāde Park next to the Latvian National Museum of Art

Have you seen how sound is transformed into light? In light which dawns and glistens to sparkle on the Castle of Light. The Elektrum object invites you to observe it and to become a part of Soundlight. The tunes sung by festival visitors during these days will transform into light and the Castle of Light will sparkle in the direction of the Latvian National Library. Why there? Because Soundlight has come about within the framework of Elektrum’s project Izdziedam 100, which is being created as a gift for Latvia’s centenary.

During the year everyone has had the opportunity to sing well-loved Latvian songs and present them to Latvia. Soundlight is the last opportunity in the framework of the centenary celebrations to record your voice for prosperity and to present it to Latvia. The digital joint song created on the www.izdziedam100.lv website on the 21st November will be presented to the Latvian National Library, where our children and grandchildren will be able to find it and listen to it in future. Come along, sing your favourite song and watch how sound becomes light, which will sparkle from then on at the Latvian National Library. May these celebrations be sonorous and surprising for you!

Project concept author, sponsor and implementation: Elektrum
Project collaboration partner: !ASAP