Name of the project: SECRETS OF SOUND

Place:1 Kaļķu Street

The project Secrets of Sound will establish a bridge between sound, light and fire, by depicting each vibration of sound. It shows the city in a different light – in the light of sound – thus creating a visually exciting performance.

Using the device included in the object, the project is intended to show every visitor of the Staro Rīga festival the world of sound in a visual form by depicting it in the fire. In the city, technology comes together with nature, noise with beautiful pieces of music, forming such an amount of sound that you won’t find anywhere else, it will come to life though fire with the help of the installation.

Authors of the project: Aigars Maģītis, Raimonds Nikoluškins, Rolands Smelēns, Rolands Blumbeks

Project implementer: Riga Technical University Students’ Parliament

Project sponsor: Riga City Council Education, Culture and Sports Department

Project partners: Riga Technical University