Video-projection on a fan-shaped screen
The square at the intersection of Eksporta and Elizabetes streets

The heroes in Latvian animated film legend Roze Stiebra’s new film Saule brauca debesīs invite you to meet up at the Light Festival Staro Rīga!
Accompanied by Juris Kaukulis’ and the Jauno Jāņu Orķestris’ song, festivalgoers will be awaited by the boisterous mummers, courageous Nabašnieks, naughty Vilks, warm-hearted Kaza and others.
The film Saule brauca debesīs is a story of adventure for young and old. When the daughter of Saule and Mēness is kidnapped during the mummers’ hullabaloo, the distraught parents seek the assistance of a person to get their child back. Nabašnieks buckles his sword and together with Meitene and Brālītis head off to challenge the goblins and buffoons, as well as their own fear and idleness. The helpers are only given three days: if Saule’s daughter is not found within this time, she will lose her power and become just an ordinary girl.
The film will be screened from 16th November. We invite you get to know the film’s heroes, listen in to the songs and kick up your legs to the accompaniment of the film’s music at the Light Festival Staro Rīga!

Project concept authors and implementation: I Did ItAssociation and SIA Studija Lokomotīve