Līvu Square
Performances start at 19:30, 20:30 and 21:30

With the support of Ondo.lv, Britain’s aerial show troupe The Dream Engine returns to Riga. Imagine a fabulously coloured, glittering diamond more than ten metres in height, rising over the rooftops of Riga’s Old Town. There seem to be people dancing in its unreal light. Is it a mirage!? A dream flight!? The Dream Engine and Concept Event (Latvia) cooperate to create the light, music and acrobatics show Diamond. Dream Flight; making viewers in Līvu Square believe in the man’s ability to create and implement fantastic ideas, to believe in your dream to come true.

Project execution: CONCEPT EVENT (Latvia) and THE DREAM ENGINE (United Kingdom)

Project sponsor: the new and friendly lender SIA ONDO