Audiovisual spatial projection
Vērmanes Garden Stage

DAWN is an audio-visual spatial projection installation and a poem about our eternal search for beauty and purpose.
DAWN is an art piece on the borderline between reality and dreaming, the immediate and the eternal.
DAWN is a triptych and is based on the symbolism of a triangle where three parts create strong balance and one whole.
DAWN discusses the questions around Human/Nature/Cosmos; Past/Present/Future; Body/Mind/Soul
Birth/Life/Death. In this way the art piece creates an almost sacral state of reflection and inspiration and invites audience to a poetic, dynamic and contemplative experience.
DAWN is collaboration between Norwegian visual artist Anastasia Isachsen and Latvian composer Pēteris Vasks.

Project concept author: ANASTASIA ISACHEN (Norway)
Project implementation: Biedrība “STARO 100”