Name of the project: RIGA STORY / UMEÅ STORY Riga

Place: Town Hall Passage from the side of Tirgoņu Street/Umeå: Glass House

The people of the two European Capitals of Culture in 2014 – Riga and Umeå – will meet in a virtual environment during two festivals of light. Both of these festivals take place simultaneously. Staro Rīga tells the stories in Riga from November 17 to 20, while the Festival of Light Umeå hostljus (Umeå autumn lights) lights up light objects from November 18 to 28.

Every resident of Riga is invited to give greetings to the people in Umeå through your pictures with photographs of light objects – those can be photos of light objects you have made at home, or of Staro Rīga festival objects – or maybe just some beautifully illuminated places in Riga:
* Do not be shy – show your city to Umeå citizens!
* If you want to add some text to your photos: Take a poster with a greeting in your hands!
* If you want, take pictures with friends – we are waiting for group photos!
* Your favorite pet or favorite costume: Show the people of Umeå whatever you want, just remember: there has to be an object of light in the picture!

Tell your story of joy and light!

Please send the photos to the e-mail address staro@riga2014.org

The pictures taken by the people of Riga will be shown in Umeå, while the greetings from Umeå will be displayed in Riga on the glass wall of the Town Hall above the entrance of the Town Hall Passage from the Tirgoņu Street side.