3D Experience
Courtyard at Bruņinieku iela 2

Rīga’s Metro is an interactive experience – a 3D experience, which dismantles the fine border between the world of imagery and reality. It tells of a moment in which a fantasy created in a person’s mind, is so striking that it begins to exist before one’s eyes. It exists as long as it is observed, because if one looks away for a moment, it can disappear. In the everyday rush, this is an invitation to set aside worries, unwanted thoughts and our computer and mobile telephone, to simply look out the window of a moving tram and to dream about what could be. The surprising and unpredictable fantasy world of people is the greatest treasure that we have. With its help, absolutely everything is possible in life and in this object.

Project concept authors: Roberts Rubīns, Didzis Eglītis, Elizabete Palasiosa and Marta Kontiņa
Project implementation: Everything ArtAssociation
Project collaboration partners: SIA Story Hub, SIA Jura Podnieka studija, Autentika Culture Space, SIA REVERIE Trading Group, SIA GaCo, EPSON, Capital