Valdemāra arcade, Aristida Briāna Street 9a
Atklāj Rīgu Museum, Aldaru Street 5

Two places will connect in a cloud.

Venue times: 19:00 – 22:00

An interactive project using contemporary technologies to create a digital ‘interspace’ for human communication. The digital interspace is a fog cloud. The cloud virtually connects people in two different places. Ethereal, holographic images – avatars of the interacting participants – are created on each site and the participants use them to communicate with each other. This Connecting Cities project is part of Networked City 2013 and the Media Facades Festival.

Project financed with the support of the European Commission Culture programme.
Project concept: The Constitute
Project executed by The Constitute, Rīga 2014, Connecting Cities Network, Ideju Institūts
Project financed by Rīga 2014 Foundation, European Commission Culture programme
Project partners: CONNECTING CITIES NETWORK, Valdemāra Pasāža