9K1NAMS (Aristīda Briāna Street 9 K1)

Sparks of Prometheus is a conceptual installation by the Slovenian artist Marko A. Kovačič. Made of recycled metal and other waste, it produces a sound and light performance.
The concept behind the projection and sound installation is the ancient Greek legend of the god Prometheus who, against the will of Zeus, gave fire to mankind, receiving in return a severe punishment.
Utilising industrial ambient noise together with light projections in the performance, the artist expresses his feelings about and vision of the conflict between authority and individuals, order and inspiration, rights and liberty.

15-18 November, 18:00-23:00

Project concept: Marco A. Kovačič (Slovenia)
Project developer: Forum Ljubljana (Svetlobna gverila festival), Slovenia, I Did It association, Make Art association
Project financed by Rīga City Council, EU SPECTRUM project funding