Amusement park “Egle” / Kaļķu Street 1a

Screen Test is an interactive installation inspired by various genres in and the history of cinema. Two identical screens, in two different Rīga locations, each invite us to enter a new, surprising and intriguing film environment. Participants in the two locations meet on screen and, depending on the actions of the remote players, each scene can unfold differently, just like in films. Screen Test first appeared in Rīga at the Esplanāde 2014 summer cultural chalet.

Project concept / execution: Paul Sermon and Charlotte Gould (United Kingdom) / IDEJU INSTITŪTS (Latvia)

Project sponsors: Riga City Council, Rīga 2014 Foundation

The project has been funded by the European Union’s “Culture 2007-2013” program’s “Connecting Cities” project.