Location: Intersection of Kungu and Mārstaļu Streets

“Catch the Shadow” is a light installation, which creates an optical illusion about the presence of a person without even seeing them. A shadow is what leads us and what stays behind us for a moment. A light object provides the possibility to visualize how we’d look if we were able to freeze our shadow for a moment and to leave it behind. An optical illusion is created with the interplay between light and a person’s silhouette, breaking down the borders with reality. The coloured variations of light merge the building’s walls with the ground. The movement of the lights also makes shadows at times become uncertain and misleading. “Catch the Shadow!” – that’s the challenge for each passer-by; to find one’s own shadow.

Black wooden silhouettes of people of actual size, placed away from the illuminated wall, are used in the installation, creating the feeling of a crowd. In the caught art work there’s a moment in life which a person wouldn’t even really notice in the daily crush. It is an opportunity for each viewer to see the usual in a different way.

Project idea author: Roberts Līcis
Project constructor: Roberts Līcis, Gatis Krievāns
Project sponsor: TELE 2
Project cooperation partner: Rīga City Gymnasium No. 3

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