Light projection
Brīvības Boulevard 36, façade of the Cabinet of Ministers building

We, Latvians, are brave, purposeful, creative and wise. In Latvia, our land of opportunity, nothing is too difficult for us. We were able to teach Tom Cruise how to fly in a wind tunnel created by Aerodium, to undertake the world’s first parachute jump from a drone created by Aerones, to manufacture invisible glassby Groglassfor works of art, electronic screens and architectural solutions throughout the world and to release the first Latvian satellite Venta 1, created by students at Ventspils University, into the Earth’s orbit. The only dual Olympic champion in the world in BMX cycling Māris Štrombergs, world famous opera singer Elīna Garanča and chemist Ivars Kalviņš come from our people. Latvia also has an invaluable treasure – its natural environment, making ours one of the greenest countries in the world. Latvians have left their footprints on world history with their achievements in sport, culture, science, manufacturing and other fields. Latvia can… we just have to open our eyes…

Project concept authors: State Chancellery
Project implimantation: SIA 3K STUDIJA