Name of the project: SEARCHES

Place: Horse-drawn tram depot (Zirgu tramvaja depo), 128 Dzirnavu Street


360 ° panorama.

Two people searching for something that cannot be found or is already lost, wandering through the labyrinths of their own fantasies, the paradoxes of life, self-deception as well as opportunities and signs sliding past them. This time, the viewer is put in the middle of this, in the role of an observer. And it is up to each viewer themselves what they are going to see there and take with them in their own search.

Director: Māris Lagzdiņš

Cast: Armands Berģis, Anete Saulīte

Lights, camera: Juris Pīlēns, Andis Grīva

Stage design: Inga Bermaka, Agnese Stabiņa

Music: Instrumenti

Costumes: Mareunrol’s

Authors of the project: Māris Lagzdiņš

Project implementer: Piens / SIA Mentols

Project sponsor: Riga City Council / Piens

Project partners: Musical band Instrumenti.