Levitation – Meditation

18.11.2021. - 09.01.2022.

Adrese: Mārupītes Park by the Sculpture Garden in the Bieriņi neighbourhood

Light installation

The light installation dedicated to Mārupītes Park in the Bieriņi neighbourhood, where art blends in with the landscape. Through walking, meditation and observing nature, we get our thoughts in order and let the light into ourselves – 12 levitating stones above the Mārupīte River, like a symbol of the primordial, having risen above the water and land will show the way in this walk.

Project concept authors: Ligita Breģe and Atis Izands
Project implementer: SIA br.ook interior architecture
Project partners: SIA Restore and More, SIA Delivery Direct, SIA Energolukss and IK Agnis Celms
Project co-financing from the Riga City Council’s Education, Culture and Sports Department’s project competition funding