Cultural and Recreation Park “Mežaparks”

16 and 17 November, from 17:00–22:00 “Mežaparks” invites us to an event that will warm our hearts and foster pride in our country.

In the dark of autum “Mežaparks” caretakers “Rīgas meži” are organizing “Proud Under the Latvian Flag” event. The event will include colorful and until now unseen activities in Latvia.

The boulevard of Mežaparks will be decorated with more than 200 flags, creating an avenue of red – white – red flags; and another avenue flying the flags of every Latvian city, town and district, aptly named Brīvības aleja – Avenue of Freedom. To date, it has not been possible to see all these flags in one place.

The world’s largest Latvian flag, more than 1,000 square meters in size, will adorn the steps of the great open-air stage arena, usually home to massed choirs. Latvian symbols formed from burning candles, will be placed alongside that will remind us of the importance of this place in our history.

People who have come to view the world’s largest Latvian flag will be able to participate in creating a light installation by placing their candles on a special podium and thus marking out Latvia’s contours.

A film about Latvia’s national values will be projected on to the top rim of the Great Stage, while at the peak of the event, at 20:00, those present will be able to witness a spectacular fire ritual; the burning of a sculpture, several meters in height.

Project concept: Rīgas meži
Project developer: Rīgas meži
Project financed by Riga City Council, Rīgas meži
Project partners: Latvijas Balzams, Latvijas valsts meži, Latvijas tekstils, Latvijas Gāze, Latvijas Finieris, Latvijas Maiznieks, Latvian Apiculture Society