Laser light hypnosis

02.12.2021. - 05.12.2021.

Adrese: Spilve, Airport

Laser light performance

Light has a hypnotic power – it frees the hidden energy in people and allows them to concentrate on a leap into the unknown. Striking colours which replace each other in various rhythms, differing forms of rays which supplemented by specially selected music, allow you to dream with your eyes open. The lasers create colourful and impressive light effects, providing visual enjoyment like nothing else. The latest breath-taking and unique full colour spectrum laser technology is included in the laser performance.

Project concept authors: Jānis Elsts, Jānis Pētersons and Gatis Lagzdiņš
Project implementer: SIA LUMITECH
Project partner: SIA ARTISTIC
Project co-financing from the Riga City Council’s Education, Culture and Sports Department’s project competition funding