Environmental light installation
Vērmane Garden

Latvia’s Kaleidoscope is an interactive environmental art object – a pavilion, which unifies architecture, science, light and sound installation within it. The mirror reflection performance provides an opportunity to look at the Latvia around us and at ourselves through a new prism, coinciding with the Latvian nation’s centenary motto “I am Latvia”. We and everything around us is colourful, light and bright, but we need some assistance to see this at times.
Latvia’s Kaleidoscope playfully mixes the monotonous usual order of things and creates the effect of surprise, blending together colours, images, light and sound. Everyone here will see their unique environmental artwork, will be able to search for themselves within it and become part of the overall experience of the object. The pavilion can be viewed during the day or evening.

Project concept author: Didzis Jaunzems
Project implementation: Everything Art Association
Project collaboration partners: SIA Didzis Jaunzems arhitektūra, SIA Story Hub, SIA IXI, SIA RJK, Ervings Znotiņš and Mārtiņš Feldmanis