3D projection
K.Valdemāra Street 2A, façade of the Bank of Latvia building

The story of the Central Bank of Latvia can be discovered in an experience created through a captivating 3D projection.
What sort of miraculous confluence of circumstances and what powers and processes allowed the Latvian nation to form, and its financial system subsequently, as well?
What does the work of the Bank of Latvia mean to each of us today and tomorrow?
What connection does national poet Rainis have with gold and the symbol which we, at times, fondly refer to as Milda?
During the Light Festival Staro Rīga 2018, a striking performance for the eyes, ears and imagination about one of the nation’s foundation-stones can be viewed on the façade of the national central bank at K. Valdemāra Street 2A (from the Castle Park side).

Project concept author: Māris Kalve
Project implementation: SIA KALVESTUDIJA
Project sponsor: Bank of Latvia
Project collaboration partner: SIA VPT grupa