Location: “Skanstes virsotnes”

This year during the Festival of Light “Staro Rīga”, the Skanstes skyscrapers will be lit up for the second time. The “Merks” Construction Company will get involved in the festival by implementing the “Colourful Skyscrapers” Project on all three of the Skanstes skyscrapers.

Powerful light projectors will impart Skanstes’ skyscrapers with quite noticeable colourful lighting effects against the city panorama, with the dynamic lighting effects transforming the buildings into lofty changing towers of light. The plan is that the “Colourful Skyscrapers” objects will already be on view from the 17th of November, thereby becoming the first objects lit up in the Festival of Light “Staro Rīga” and some of the highest illuminated objects in Rīga.

This year all three buildings will be lit up, with their facades changing colour through a united lighting score. Powerful spotlights will ensure even colour lighting of each building to its full height. Additional visual effects will be guaranteed by large coloured fields of light, which will move in a synchronized fashion over the building facades, emphasizing the buildings’ tower-like character. Both the static colour changing spotlights, as well as the dynamic spotlights will be placed on the ground next to the building facades and will be linked up in a united lighting management system network.

The “Skanstes Virsotnes” have already become the home of more than 200 Rīga families – those who love the city and want to be at the epicentre of the metropolis’s events, but, at times when they want peace, to rest, looking over the roofs of Rīga. Even if you plan to head off from Rīga during the holidays, on the evening of 17th November you will already be greeted by the colourful “Skanstes virsotnes” – the first illuminated Festival of Light “Staro Rīga” project on the Skanstes Street panorama!

Project idea author: “Merks” Construction Company
Project constructor: “Kompānija NA”
Project sponsor: “Merks” Construction Company

Staro RīgaStaro Rīga

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