Location: Bridges by the National Opera, the Freedom Monument and Bastejkalns, K.Valdemāra Street, Kronvalds Park bridges

The “Rīgas gaisma” City Council Agency established the permanent illumination of the Rīga City centre at the end of 2009. As part of the project, 86 architecturally designed projectors were fitted at ground level, and 23 architectural projectors to provide colour effects and 66 LED type architecturally designed lamps were installed in the city environs.

Overall, the K.Barona Street Bridge, the bridges next to the National Opera, the Freedom Monument and Bastejkalns, the K.Valdemāra Street Bridge and the Kronvalds Park Bridge were illuminated as part of the Project. As part of the permanent illumination of the city centre project, trees next to the Freedom Monument, individual trees at Bastejkalns, groups of trees along the Canal by the Jēkabs Barracks, Rainis Memorial and the Esplanāde were also illuminated. Illumination of memorial stones was also completed.

The lighting installed in the city centre will operate for many years and is connected to the joint city lighting network. Just like in other European cities, LED lamps which last a long time and are very economical have been used in this project.

Project constructor: “Rīgas gaisma”
Project sponsor: Rīga City Council

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