Interactive object
Rīga Central Market

In honour of the Central Market’s 88th birthday and Latvia’s centenary, visitors are invited to get into the Time Machine, a large-scale kaleidoscope with a moving background which is provided by a LED screen. Before getting into it, visitors can choose the specific historical period of the Central Market which they would like to visit.
The kaleidoscope provides the opportunity for people to be in a historical picture of the Central Market, next to the buildings or in one of the pavilions. Visitors are given an opportunity to walk through one of the Central Market’s historical moments through the effect provided by the use of the video materials in the kaleidoscope. If people want a comical version, then a vegetable or fruit can be chosen for the background.
In addition to the experience provided by the journey in time and space, or the historical effect created by the kaleidoscope, the journey by visitors will be recorded by a professional photographer. After the photo is taken, the visitor will receive a QR code printout, which when scanned, will make their photo available to them.

Project concept authors and implementation: SIA Line Up Projects and KasTeKust
Project sponsor: AS Rīgas Centrāltirgus